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  Anne-Marie FIJAL or the open piano
By Nancy Huston*

« She arrives, she, blonde, music inside music outside, with her terrestrial idices. She sit down with the keybord and this is not like as usual, because she knows that no sky without ground. That not song angelica without dark belly. That not nectar without blood. And especially, that no ego without the other, others. It's a single being, because of that. She wanted- and then from an astonishing way, knew- to open the piano. Open it in universe. Keys cords ivory copper wood. Air water fire metal. Elements. Emotions. Cherish and cry. This thing, to touch it all, to make it breathe, thunder, cross spaces and the time, extreme the articulation of desarticulation, pearls of rain and hammerings military, Sturm and Drang, exquisite delicacy.

Open it also towards other arts, others individuals, others forms of creation. Theatre, cinema,song, radio,composition,studio. Play, light, shimmer, body, color, machine, voice,house, drum,forest. To survey new territories, to build unheard dialogues, to throw bridges, to explore extents as vast as precise.

Fijal takes the piano and open it, carries it toward of other words. It rolls up its notes around the faces and of the voices, on the scene, the television in the airs, always giving self but listening to,looking at, requiring the glance and hear each other.Emphasizing be secret harmonies of the words and the images, with apredilection for giants of Russia and Germany : Murnau, Goethe, Tchékov, Tsvétaèva..Beethoven, Schumann.. But also ; Fijal. Yes : the other people, would be it oneself. Oneself always other, that we want it or not. Knowledge. To play with oneself as with another, sonorities of now embracing those yesteryear, the live music marrying with the dead, crashing to pieces these simplistic categories to play in Palimpsest- and to respect themselves, because music is always business of respect. Respect of times, the tonalities, the nuances,the agreements and the dissensions. Presence and of absence. The alive ones and deaths. Self of each fading day, loses itself irremediably with the night..whereas Beethoven and Colette Magny, each time of listening, are resurrecting. The music isn't another thing than that, this reception made with died with the centre even of the life, this celebration of ephemeral in its immutable splendour. And Fijal, generous, clever, inventive, discrete, to us shows it like nobody. »

*writer and musician

Nancy Huston, writer

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